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Present: Roman, Heiko
Comments from: Regina, Thomas, Stuart, Telesto


* PARAGRAPH DIALOG: Add a "Spacing" property to "Fill Character"
(Paragraph Style > Tabs)
+ one character only (Regina)
+ word can do only none, dot, dash, solid and without any style (Regina)
+ introducing a spacing between filling character option means requires ODF
definition first; and a lot of effort for an easy to work around feature
=> WF

* "Safe mode" is meaningless for most end-users
+ Rename the command label, eg "Repair/fix user profile/%PRODUCTNAME"
+ Keep "Safe mode" (Thomas, Telesto)
+ Good command names consists of action and target, resp. Verb object
like "Exit Application", "Save Document", "Start in Safe/Repair Mode"
+ Rather than "Safe mode" rename the dialog *and* the Help menu entry?
+ "User Profile..." menu entry, with restart warning (Stuart)
+ "safemode" is a command line switch and known terminology; and "user profile"
is not an exact match with what the dialog does (Telesto)
=> WFM

* UI: Make it more difficult to accidentally enable "track changes" feature
+ remove shift+ctrl+C shortcut (Thomas, Heiko, Roman)
=> do it

* Words whose characters span multiple languages should not undergo spell checking
+ rather have an option "Use apostrophe as word separator for spellchecking"
=> needs input from l10n and dev; no blocker from UX-POV

* Enhancement: Change tab names in "Page Style" dialog
+ Page -> Page Layout, Area -> Background (would be required on similar dialogs too)
+ quite some work, what to prioritize: precision, short labels, effort?
+ Background is more clear than Area (Roman)
+ Changing means also Shape > Area (context menu) to be Shape > Background;
Character style uses Highlighting for area fill style - so we end up with three
terms for one function
+ Transparency is a bit too much to change (Roman)
+ keep overflow due to long labels in mind
=> tend to WF (Heiko), change carefully (Roman) => comment respectively