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    Present: Yusuf, Muhammet, Patrick, Cor, Rizal, Muhammad, Heiko
    Comments from: Regina, Adolfo, Stuart, Telesto and other
    * GSoC Additions
    + windowed frame for the individual extensions
    + more white-space needed
    + voting back-channel minor priority
    + sorting ideally done on client side
    + discussion on whether to resize or not
    + resize to get more text from the description in particular for
    large fonts or small screens (Patrick)
    + also needed to get a larger image
    + we don't resize per HIG (Heiko)
    + two use cases- would require a splitter
    + images are not scaled down and would become blurry (Yusuf)
    + dialog always opens with a context such as at the Gallery for gallery content
    or at the spellchecker to load more dictionaries etc., meaning no need
    to switch the tag pre-filter
    * UI: Make the setting text wrap more accessible
    + WFM (Heiko)
    + add to context menu (Cor)
    + but fine to resolve the ticket without adding to context menu since
    we make wrap the default (Cor)
    + enable wrap by default
    => no objection, do it
    * "Safe mode" is meaningless for most end-users
    + %PRODUCTNAME (Troubleshooting) (Adolfo)
    + for comment 12 see bug 120269 (Telesto)
    + "Safe mode" is the perfect term (Muhammet, Patrick)
    + two commands one for "clean user profile" the other to access the "safe mode" (Patrick)
    => WF/WFM
    * No warning on form design mode when exporting to pdf (design mode prevents data in controls to be exported)
    + see comment 12f
    + no use case to export to ODF the design only
    => always switch to edit mode before printing (and ideally back)
    * Missing bracket matching support
    + worth to do for Basic?
    + one of the basic features of IDEs (Muhammet)
    + acc. comment 7 requested for Writer documents
    + wouldn't mind if implemented (Cor)
    + out of scope (Heiko)
    + disagree (Patrick), but also it's not worth to implement
    => resolve with comment "nice feature but too low priority"
    could be solved with a grammar checker -> extension