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Present: Sascha, Heiko
Comments from: Bogdabn, Mike, Stuart, Eike


* Page break editing: "Text Flow > Breaks" needs clearer wording
+ Paragraph style > Text flow > _With_ page style (unclear if it applies to
before or after the break)
+ "Continue with page style" (Bogdan)
+ "Next/Following" could do it as well but personally fine with what we have (Heiko)
=> no further opinion so keeping ticket open

* Hyperlink colours cannot be changed by changing Hyperlink style
+ Intended for Calc cells w/o autoformatting (Mike)
+ would be great to use Hyperlink character style in Writer (Heiko)
but off-topic here
+ cannot follow the supposed benefit of hyperlink cell style and
would remove this (Heiko)
=> up to discussion on BZ

* Keybinding is defined by UI language instead of locale setting
+ use keyboard locale (Eike)
+ no dropdown in tools > options > language to change the kb layout (Heiko)
+ and would clutter the UI if more controls are added
+ could be done as expert setting since the kb layout probably never changes
=> go for it

* UI Confusing icon names for Background Color / Highlight Color
+ rename Character Highlight Color / Paragraph Background Color
+ support the idea (Heiko)
=> do it

* Add control grouping "labeling" to NB Tabbed Interface
+ Tooltips are sufficient, WF (Stuart)
+ essential part of the contextual groups (Heiko)
+ drawback is vertical size
=> undecided discussion; keep open