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Present: Rizal, Patrick, Muhammad, Sascha, Heiko
Comments from: Csongor, Regina, Maxim


* UI: Paper tray settings in Page setup seems wrong
+ not using a printer but the option was likely there since OOo (Heiko)
+ help gives example with first page on paper with companies logo
+ another example: glossy paper for pictures
+ admitted that it's weird, eg document is saved and loaded somewere else
+ nice to have if page style defines a virtual tray which is assigned to the
printer tray at the printer dialog; different ticket though
=> NAB

* Entering a table with too many columns causing Writer to lock up
+ limit the number of columns (and rows) to 99 (or 255)
+ WPS limits to 63 (Patrick)
+ it's still possible to add rows/columns before/after (Heiko)
+ just a performance issue, limitations are bad (Csongor)
+ show a warning per coloring the spin edit or per confirmation box
=> go with the colored warning

* EDITING: Support fill character in a hanging indent of a paragraph
+ use case valid but implementation has it's risk (Regina)
+ don't see the use case; indentation, whether hanging or not,
is per se white-space (Heiko)
+ w/o clear use case it's hard to decide (Patrick)
=> remove flag and suggest to resolve WF

* IMPRESS: two Align submenus under Format menu (one for text, other for
+ some options (Maxim)
a) combined UNO command
+ a lot of drawbacks
b) dedicated Shapes root menu
+ spoils the menu structure (maybe we move Slide Show content into Slide)
+ do we have enough content for this menu?
+ a shape menu would be overkill for Impress. No need for (Rizal)
c) rename Text Align, Shape Align
+ sounds wrong with the other items next to it
+ prefer this (Rizal, Patrick)
+ "Object Alignment"
+ would rename alignment for text (Patrick)
+ d) Remove one of the commands from the menu (object alignment) (Patrick)
+ very handy (Heiko)
+ e) Rename Alignment for one (Text -> Justification) (Heiko)
+ would affect other modules too (Patrick)
+ translates possibly to the same word (Heiko)
+ WPS has Format > Arrange > Align (objects) (Patrick)
f) + move Align underneath Arrange
+ could work since we have toolbar widgets to align objects
+ prefer this (Sascha)
=> rename (object) alignment to "Object alignment" or move the menu
+ Commented after meeting on BZ (Patrick)

* UI: Printer settings hidden under more
+ expand 'more' sections depending on screen real estate (low hanging fruit)
+ redesign dialog, see comment 13 & 14
+ horizontal aligned radio buttons scale badly with l10n
+ duplex is saving the environment and we should encourage using it (Patrick)
=> input welcome, keep it open