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Present: Sascha, Heiko
Comments from: Timur, Csongor, Telesto, Dieter, Mike


* Blank comment disappears if not filled in immediately
+ (dup now)
+ opposite request for Calc in tdf#83575 (Timur)
+ it's a bug when undo leads to another state as usual (Csongor)
+ keeping the comment by adding asterisk, or the like, is simple (Csongor)
+ keep the object when created newly but remove when
content has been deleted (Heiko)
+ consistency is prime, user should always be in charge (Telesto)
=> comment on ticket 73446

* List styles: "New style from selection" propagates (in error) to UNSELECTED
+ bug (Dieter)
+ both make sense, up to UX to decide (Mike)
+ easier to restart numbering than to continue (Heiko)
+ topic here is what happens when the style change and the only way
to make a list restart by changing the style is to switch
=> resolve as NAB

* reorganise templates provided by default in LibreOffice
+ new/better templates are welcome; organization is done by design
=> resolve as WF

* UI: a quick way to pick a ODF version on save
+ file dialog (-1) but perhaps in document options (and thereby templates)
+ not a user request, working for QA is not user-centered development => WF
+ option in save dialog that shows a settings dialog after Save (Mike)
+ bad solution since it interrupts the common workflow (Heiko)
+ agree with Mike (Thomas)
+ have extra filter entries in the file type for legacy formats (Heiko)
=> comment and remove UX keyword

* Varied file path options depending on application selected
+ mixing documents from different areas such as business/private into the same
directory makes no sense meaning folders have to be created anyway (Sascha)
+ too much effort for close to no benefit (Heiko)
+ better realize per bug 126665 (remember the path used previously)
=> resolve WF