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    Present: Krunoslav, Patrick, Sascha, Mr Rivan, Heiko
    Comments from: Dieter, Stuart, Thomas
    * Add individual close button to recent document list
    + right click on menu items not familiar neither discoverable, WF (Heiko)
    + changing features at place make sense (Patrick)
    + low benefit for high effort however => WF (Patrick)
    + disagree with the request too; no app has such a feature in the menu (Sascha)
    => WF
    * Linked templates shouldn't obey "Save URLs relative to file system" option
    + absolute or relative, one is always wrong; search in case of missing links
    or WF
    + maybe let the user search for the reference (Heiko, Patrick)
    + templates usually remain on the same place; there is Tools > Options >
    Load/Save >
    General > URLs relative to file system to switch between relative and
    absolute path (Sascha)
    + sharing documents with other users requires relative path and templates at
    a safe place (Sascha)
    + would be nice to show this setting (or be able to change on the fly)
    while saving (Sascha)
    + decide whether relative or not per input of full path?
    + bad solution as barely discoverable (Heiko)
    + very uncommon as path is specified above (Krunoslav)
    + expert option, feedback not urgently needed (Patrick)
    => WFM; maybe a topic for the help
    * Make Select text by clicking in Margins MSO compliant
    + special line selection feature as known from MSO or keep it (WF)
    + Cursor right instead of IBeam (Thomas)
    + vote for introducing the functionality for lines; should work the
    same for tables (cursor changes to pointing rigth and row is
    selected on click) (Patrick, Krunoslav, Sascha)
    + extend the selection area up to the document margin but unlike MSO
    not beyond to distinguish between page and (desk) background and to
    allow drawing a selection rectangle as known from Draw
    => go for it
    * UI presenter console - Feature request: Countdown timer
    + see also
    + mockup attached to tdf#102839; tdf#99750 rather a WF (Heiko)
    + integrate slideshow presenter on/off in the slideshow options tdf#135089
    + show on presentation too?
    + wouldn't do if the console is active (Patrick)
    + running into trouble with either too small info or hiding content
    + not a big deal if shown for just a few second (Sascha)
    + maybe a progressbar of total time going down with time (Krunoslav)
    + would be a cool extension but should be user-configurable
    + Timeboxing selection options (like 5min or 10 min)
    + Times should be customizable (for a 1 hour presentation a user might have
    different needs) (Patrick)
    + Implement it as "Reminder after:"
    + Timer/reminder per slide (tdf#99750)
    + uncommon use-case, better implement as extension
    => AI: update mockups, continue discussion on tickets