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    Present: Fellow Jitsier, John, Heiko
    Comments: Telesto, Dieter, Stuart, Adolfo, Krunoslav, Italo, Cloph
    * Writer zoom at "page width", option to eliminate 3d page edge and gutter
    + minimizing the gutter makes the view not like a page anymore,
    would result in issues with the rulers, and requires some effort
    to implement => WF (Heiko)
    + no further input sind 2017
    => WF
    * Add shortcut keys to each Sidebar Tab to open its content panel(s)
    + use ctrl+alt+<sequential number> for sidebar decks and reorganize
    for max congruence across modules (Heiko)
    => patch is in work, late minute input still welcome
    * BORDERS "Line arrangement" display shows "Set no borders" when dialog is
    irrespective of actual border setting
    + check border preset button according the applied options?
    + after clicking a preset it is not highlighted yet at all
    + support the request (Telesto, Dieter)
    => do it with low importance
    * UI: Make the automatic caption functionality/settings more accessible
    + autocaption is perfectly fine at tools > options
    => NAB
    * Sequential name for objects in Draw and other apps (and total count in
    + more statistics needed as requested in tdf#123083 for Writer?
    + provide insights with update to the Navigator; duplicate to tdf#90244 (Stuart)
    + would be nice to have informative statistics at the statusbar across modules
    => ticket is resolved now
    * [MOCKUP] LibreOffice "Format" menu mockup
    + good idea, nice to have shorter first level menus (Heiko)
    + important is consistency across modules; looks logical (John)
    + changing the menu requires a broad consensus (Heiko)
    + ideally we have the opportunity to switch the menu, see tdf#120132
    => complete it, wait for more input, investigate optional solution
    * Alternative for brand font
    + Sofia Sans (, Inria Sans, FiraGO
    (ex Fira Sans), Manrope (Adolfo)
    + IBM Plex Sans (Krunoslav)
    + as a text processor we may also consider serif fonts for the brand image
    (not necessarily needed on the tagline) (Heiko)
    + Vegur is pretty complete in the latest version; better seek for complementing
    fonts that covers for example Arab, Hebrew, etc. (Cloph, Italo)
    => input welcome
    * Next year GSoC project
    + seeking for topics that design/UX can prepare and advertise
    + for example: Table of Contents (tdf#135388), Bibliography,
    Functions deck (tdf#92416)...
    => AI: write a message to the mailing list