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    Present: Sascha, John, Rizal, Heiko
    Comments: Aron, Seth
    * Insert image location points to AppData\Roaming\LibreOfficeDev\4\user\gallery
    with a fresh profile
    + => bug 132734
    + duplicate of tdf#132734 (Rizal)
    + good idea; query the default image directory (Aron)
    + see also bug 129292 and bug 43021 -> Options "last used directory" (Seth)
    + no objection (Sascha, Heiko)
    => do it
    * Bad layout for extra options in save dialog
    + options without wrap, indented to the controls above, no columns (Heiko)
    + place "Save with password" and "Encrypt with GPG key" in a second column
    + auto extension not working (Sascha), IIRC we talked about this (Heiko)
    + edit filter settings applies only for text with encoding; according help it
    sets information in file header; place this option in the extra dialog that
    always pops-up (Sascha); remove the option (Heiko)
    => improve it
    * UI: Settings for 'Printer" or 'Print to file" should be drop down box
    (or something else) instead of radio button
    + get rid of different defaults (Heiko)
    + dropdown or tabs is a bit better than radio buttons
    + wonder is this is related to Export to PDF; never used that (John, Sascha)
    => comment on the ticket
    * Allow more font and position formatting for watermarks
    + Position, Relative size, Absolute font size
    + keep it simple, no enhancement needed (Heiko)
    + agree with position, at least (Sascha)
    + some/all features are available in Onlyoffice and WPS (Rizal)
    => do it
    * scrolling vertical tab bar instead of horizontal multi-tab dialogs
    + dialogs with vertical "tabs" wouldn't be according the OS/DE anymore
    but make the application likely more appealing than (stacked) tabs
    + sidebar with large image and text might be a good solution for option
    dialogs but not in case of properties; good icons are very challenging
    and doubt it's helpful (Sascha)
    + would appreciate the sidebar with icon solution instead of tabs (Rizal)
    + never liked the tabs, go with sidebar (John)
    + ideally we have a solution that can be reverted if not accepted (Heiko)
    => comment on BZ