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Present: Heiko
Comments: Thomas, Eike, Cor et al.


 * UI: enhancement request: mark as favourite style, search for styles
 * Custom styles filter .. or Custom styles group, to show in the filter
   + disagree with another organization method, see 93111#c13 (Heiko)
   + duplicate to tdf#93111, search field at S&F is a good idea (Thomas)
   => mark as duplicate, comment on 93111

 * Behavior interpreting input: 1-, 1+ are treated as number, not as text
   + prevent 1- being a number depending on locale?
   + keep user input (Thomas)
   + 1- is common in some locales (Eike)
   => NAB

 * "Show all updates" tickbox in extension manager not working as expected
   + suggest to remove and behave as it is switched off (Heiko)
   + wouldn't touch (Cor)
   + no issue with the UI/workflow but assume bug (Sergio, OP)
   => remove UX

 * Add styles commands to the property sidebar
   + -1, would clutter the sidebar (Heiko)
   + better put on NBs (Thomas)
   + no objection (Cor)
   => don't do it / WF

 * Add Luciole font to support a11y
   => tdf#136646 created

 * Have a style guide (eg. APA, CMoS, IEEE) as reference for development
   + quite complex solution with all text styles, bibliography, layout
   + maybe better suited for templates
   + following a well-known style guide relieves us from discussions
   => keep in mind