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Present: Sascha, Rohan, Rivan, Heiko
Comments: Regina, Telesto, Maxim, Thomas, Maxim


 * ENHANCEMENT UI: Synchronize checkbox for page margins
   + not needed (Regina),
   + another use case is to decrease the margin to zero to get the max out of
     the page (Telesto)
   + also good for consistency (Sascha)
   => let's do it

 * Comment reply function has disappeared
   + has been restricted intentionally (Maxim)
   + keep it blocked but disable command rather than hiding and
     provide a (contextual) tooltip; => force users to enter personal
     info (Heiko)
   + block replying to own comments unless no user (aka unknown author) (Thomas)
   + MSO allows replying to own comments (Maxim)
   + not unusual to have identical names like Muhammed, another user with the
     same name couldn't reply
   + keep as it is, there is no good reason to reply to own comments (Sascha)
   + sometimes people work on the same computer and address people in the
     comment like "He Muhammed, please check this"; so do not block (Rohan)
   => comment on the ticket and keep it open

 * EDITING: Insert checkbox easily as in Google Sheets
   + alternative is to use a formula and insert a symbol depending on 1/0
   + like checkboxes; form controls are overly complex (Sascha)
   + cell value would be true/false with the visualization of a checkbox
     including the interaction on click to toggle the state (Sascha)
   + can't be kind of a number format but needs a special implementation
     to visualize boolean per checkbox; this wouldn't be cross-
     platform/application formatting is lost on round-trip
   + interesting to check how GDocs saves this checkbox
   => needsDevEval

 * Writer's defaults are not the same as with the Default template
   + rename the default template (Thomas)
   + maybe "Plain" or "Blank" instead of "Default" (Heiko, Rivan)
     + is not so beneficial and not a solution to the actual problem (Sascha)
   + cannot override or delete Default template, no point in having it at
     all (Sascha)
     + would be nice to be able to override/delete all templates, meaning to
       store in user space (Rivan)
     + IIRC technical reasons prevent this (Heiko)
   + would be good to not initialize variables but always load a template (and
     define defaults there) (Sascha)
   + templates are a blueprint for documents not to store all variables for all
     styles (Heiko)
   => WF

 * MENUS: Global shortcuts not appearing in menu entries
   + vote for CloseWindow but this solves only the example, see
   + File > Close is .uno:CloseDoc and assigning a shortcut would show Ctrl+W
     in this menu
   => let's do it for this command