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    Present: Sascha, Stuart, Heiko
    Comments: many
     * [META] Sidebar UI and UX bugs and enhancements
     * Guidelines
    ### Width ###
     => initial width should be defined by the controls of all decks so the
        largest deck is responsible for the initial width
     => minimum width is defined by the individual deck so users can change the deck
        to be smaller than other decks
     => width of decks should be stored per deck
     => if no control is placed on the deck the minimum width has to be defined as
        absolute value
        + minimize beyond the minimum shows a blue arrow that indicates that the
          sidebar is going to automatically collapse
     => maximum width is defined (AI: defined in svx?)
     => sidebar optimum width should not exceed 10 toolbar buttons at large icon
     => undocking sidebars for the first time should expand to the docked width;
        users should be able to resize as when docked (see above)
    ### Initial state ###
     => state needs to stored per module in the user profile
     * Sidebar has to many stages
       + collapsed state is an acceptable minimum;
       + can we remove the hide button "panel"? (and by this the fully collapsed
         + clicking the tab button expands/collapse the panel to the minimum state
         + makes the various functions more consistent (closing the tab or clicking
           the tab button has the same result being collapsed
       + impacts the minimized state while in (at least) tabbed notebookbar mode
         + needs to be changed into the collapsed mode
       + removing the hide button might kill the splitter functionality that allows
         resizing of sidebar; needs to take care
     => drop this state only
    ### Relation to toolbars/statusbar ###
     => HIG: Provide access to frequently used features in the sidebar. Make sure to
        have all features in the dialogs.
       + there are a lot of duplicate functions right now (Sascha); not much of an
         issue because sidebar allows alternative workflows (Stuart)
       + concerned about too many functions in the SB (Heiko); with the first
         implementation many dialogs were removed, eg. styles, navigator (Stuart)
         + Allow undocking of Sidebar decks (tdf#85905)
       + contextual content panel should be avoided (Heiko)
       + <ironic> why not get rid of the properties deck? (Stuart)
       + no concerns (Sascha)
     => no consensus (needed)
    ### Accessibility ###
     => WIP:
     => keyboard access described in detail in the HIG