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    Present: Sascha, Rizal, Heiko
    Comments: Stuart
     * Show information when a range has been defined (applies to Sort, Filter...)
       + range is highlighted right now; issue not easy to reproduce (Sascha)
       + feedback doesn't hurt, however (Heiko)
       => if sorting happens in a range, it shall be shown in the sort dialog
         maybe just "Sorting will happen in the active range only"
     * Sidebar property deck string is to generic
       + No good alternative, no urgent need to change (Heiko)
       + Styles - no, Attributes - no benefit, Miscellaneous - misleading
         Document properties - duplicates existing information
       => WF
     * Add "Color Replacer" to Writer (currently it only exists in Draw/Impress)
       + this function is a perfect example for an extension (Sascha, Heiko)
       + making it accessible via customization is not detrimental to usability (Heiko)
       => accepted, perhaps easyhack
     * How should the a word be formatted when using autocorrection (if multiple
       formattings are applied)
       + keep current implementation, WF
       + picking the first letter for the format, as today, is expectable (Sascha)
       + any other character or keeping the complex formatting would be intrasparent
         with too many exceptions (and hard to implement)
       + the use case is way too much far-fetched (Sascha)
       => WF, rather INVALID
     * ENHANCEMENT: Add a lock to caption frame; so frame being image (as prevention
       for unintended changes within the frame)
       + frame style > frame/graphics has Protect: Position, Size;
         enable by default?
       + side note: the modified frame style is not applied correctly => bug
       + unclear use case (Sascha)
         + to avoid accidental moving images?
       + changing the default makes it hard for Benjamin-users to move images
       + typical use case is to insert graphic, position correctly and then
         block it, done by switching on the protection (eg per dedicated frame style)
       => WF