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    Present: Sascha, Heiko
    Comments: Eike, Jan
     * Chapter, Filename and Template should be be shown in "Select" frame not
      "Format" frame in Fields dialog - Document tab
       + concerns about jumping UI (Heiko)
       + would just move the field to the middle column (Sascha)
       + not a big deal OTOH to have the input field at the right list (Sascha)
       => let's try; easyhackable
     * Not possible to edit any fields inserted from Docinformation tab
       + any obvious blocker to use the Edit button for access to individual
       + Document > Sender reads data from Tools > Options and allows editing
         while DocInformation takes the values from File > Properties, which must
         not change (Heiko)
       + don't show the "Edit" button at all? (Sascha)
         + maybe just hide until it's editable, which is apparently only for one
           type possible
       => will double-check the options again and recommend solution (Sascha)
     * Add option to toggle image resize-by-mouse aspect ratio behaviour
       + provide an option whether aspect ration is on or off (still toggle per
       + would keep it (Sascha)
       + report seems to be not correct, all modules keep aspect ratio unless shift
         is pressed
       + Writer cannot group images and shapes but Draw/Impress and Calc; groups
         with a shape behave like shapes and do not keep the aspect ratio
       => WF; options for everything are detrimental to usability
     * Improve pivot table workflow and usage
       + extra sidebar deck for PIVOT functions?
       + GSheets has a well working sidebar too (Jan)
       + MSO as well (Sascha)
       + other improvements would be solved with the sidebar (Heiko)
       + <context menu> properties show the layout dialog, don't
         see need for more (Heiko)
       => introduce sidebar; mockup needed
    * Give user specific warning when saving a spreadsheet with > 65536 rows as XLS
       + is the warning sufficient or not?
       + add warning on subsequently Save's after the first SaveAs (xls) (Eike)
       + warning should be shown on repeated save operations (Sascha)
       + Issue on more scenarios (Cor)
         + load and CVS (same as file open): we show "The data could not be loaded
           completely because the maximum number of rows per sheet was exceeded."
         + save as XLS (see above)
       + headless doesn't evoke any warning! (Heiko)
         + soffice --headless --convert-to ods foo.csv (with more rows that
           can be shown) evokes no warning but should definitely (resulting sheet
           just missed the remaining rows)
         + soffice --headless --convert-to xls foo.ods (ods with max number of rows)
           gives no warning at all
       + external source is unclear
       => needs to be fixed; high priority