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    Present: Ruyaince, Heiko
    Comments: Cor, Jay, Regina, m.a.riosv
     * Add option that undoing input doesn't jump view to the undo target cell
       + WF (undo requires feedback) but maybe add a command to go back (Heiko)
       + freeze is a nice solution to keep a cell in sight (Cor)
       => WF
     * The place to set the language for the document is ridiculously undiscoverable
       => NAB (Cor, Heiko)
     * UI: Cannot open Fontwork dialog to adapt text to connect shape
       + add 1) To the Format menu and 2) As a hidden button in the drawing
         toolbar (Jay)
       + "text along path" is a property of the shape, not of the text;
          Renaming would be good (Regina)
       => do it
     * Default data type of the Paste function needs to be configurable
       + having one default being always the same makes a lot of sense (Ruya)
       + alternative could be a radio button list where the user can change
         the default within the paste special dialog (Heiko)
         + however a lot of effort for not much benefit
       + use a macro (m.a.riosv)
       => WF
     * Make clear distinction on differences between "Export" and "Save As", and
       move items in those filters accordingly
       + everyday actions into save/as, seldom used formats into export (Ruya)
       + GIMP is an example how bad the distinction between save/as and
         export is (Heiko)
       => AI: will look into it and comment later
     * [META] Usability metrics (usage stats) bugs and enhancements
       + user metrics would be great
       + storing user data is a sensible topic due to GDPR
       + we could use nightly builds and RC's for user metrics (Ruya)
       + saving UNO commands in a summative way is the first step but the sequences
         of individual commands provides much more info (eg. what command is
         followed by undo)
       + receiving a large set of data is challenging for the storage
       => to be continued; let's search the internet for potential solutions