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    Present: Muhammet, Ruyaince, Patrick, Sascha, Heiko,
    Listen only: Steve, Rivan, Rizal
    Comments: Adolfo, Stuart, Cor, Maxim et al.
     * LibreOffice Impress Template Contest by the Indonesian Community
       + we should remove some when adding new
       + drop (sorted): Impress, Sunset, Lush Green, Alizarin, Bright Blue,
         Classy Red (Heiko)
       + keep number low is a good idea (Muhammet)
       => create ticket and continue discussion there
     * Rename "Track Changes" under "View" to "Tracked Changes"
       + "Tracked Changes" is an advantage (Adolfo)
       + do we need the two commands anyway? (Sascha)
         + yes, it was introduced as this to make all users happy (Heiko)
         + makes sense (Muhammet, Patrick)
         + irritating to have two menu items; would remove one (Sascha)
       => go with "Show Tracked Changes" (for View > TC) (Patrick votes here)
     * TOOLBAR: New image toolbar
       + c12, see also bug 120985
       + image toolbar is implemented (87362 => WF),
         consequently 120985 needs to be WF (Heiko)
       => no opinion
     * UI request for 'Merge Cells' control in 'Format - Cells' window
       + merge action is just not a _attribute_ of a cell, WF (Heiko)
       + too far away for normal users; not expected there (Patrick)
       + menu, sidebar and toolbar is enough (Muhammet)
       + agreed (Sascha)
       => WF
     * TOOLBAR: Handling of icon "borders" in the table toolbar should be improved
       + currently we _add_ borders with the buttons, the request is to _toggle_
         with the full preset with the advantage to highlight the current item
       + toggle is default in MSO (Sascha)
       + real presets that fully switch the borders would allow to use user-defined
         presets that can be shown in the widget (Heiko)
         + would be an overkill (Patrick)
       + move "no borders" to some other position
         and add the one missing button (3 vertical lines) and switch to
         toggle (Sascha)
       + toggle is more familiar to users and the drawback of the change, which
         is users cannot add horizontal plus vertical to get a grid, is
         neglectable (Heiko)
       + changing behavior seems to require a lot of effort (Muhammet, Patrick),
         adding the missing button could be done safely
       + we should check the new workflow before it is put into master (Patrick)
       + Maybe think about adding an alternative interaction that uses the current
         adding behavior; with Shift pressed the configuration will be added (Sasha)
          (Think about, if the UI can show the status properly then(Patrick))
       => go with it