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    Present: Sascha, Heiko
    Comments: Cor
     * calc gives no visual clue about enter/edit cell mode
       + show cell mode in statusbar? unclear use case
       + wfm (Cor)
       + edit/enter resp. f2/"just type" makes arrow effective or not (Sascha)
       + could replace the "Sheet 1 of 1" at the lower left edge (Sascha)
       + watching a cell contradicts info far away at the statusbar
       + action happened immediately before; and too many information in the 
       => WF
     * Navigator item "Draw objects" in Calc does not show Draw objects without
       name (Writer fixed in the mean time..)
       + switch default to "All Shapes"? see also tdf#137838
       + solve similar to Writer = great (Cor)
       + maybe with a very specific workflow where some forms are named to show up
         in the Navigator... (Sascha)
       => switching the default makes everybody happy, let's do it
     * Add a keyboard shortcut for pointer as pen
       + suggest N for toggle pen on/off and E for erase all (Heiko, Cor)
       + N is used for Next and P would be better anyway, let's drop
         P/N from next/previous slide and use P for pen (Sascha)
       => sounds like a plan
     * TABLE FORMATTING: (context menu) setting "Number recognition" 
       should be possible for each individual cell
       + number recognition per cell breaks current workflow where this function
         clearly works globally (Sascha, Heiko)
       + manually set format could be kept / block the number recognition (Heiko)
       + good idea, needsdevadvice (Cor)
       + or we reject the request since user can easily revert the applied format
         (and not using the format as recognized should be the exception given the 
         option is switched on) (Sascha)
       + reverting recognized numbers is pretty simple with clear direct formatting
         + doesn't work with boolean or percentile format - and % is recognized
       => too complicated, WF
     * Cells in rows/columns that are hidden with Data > Group and Outline
       are overwritten with paste and included when copying
       + show an infobar when hidden cells have been affected by operations (Heiko)
       + request is to simply exclude data from being copied/overwritten (Cor)
         + sure but that sounds like a safety issue; col/row might have been
           hidden accidentally
       + request is specifically about pasting of content into grouped and 
         hidden columns (Sascha)
         + again, one very specific case out of many with hidden cells resp.
           col/rows with zero height/width
       + hidden row/cols should be protected and must be affected by any operation
         such as formatting, pasting, resizing... (Sascha)
         + there is likely a reason why hidden row/col are zero sized and not
       + could imagine some kind of confirmation as well
       + identical behavior in Excel
       => WF