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    Present: Heiko
    Comments: Stuart, Roman, Cor, Csongor
     * Writer/UI: Adding Captions to Images is very Unpractical (Width of Image
       Changes with Width of Frame, Does not use Default Frame Style etc)
       + make the frame full-size, or resizing the frame must not change the image,
         or introduce smart solution where the caption is supposed to take
         3x of the image width if <100, 2x if <200, or 1x - or the like
       + use Graphics frame style with Width set to Autosize, rather than
         "Relative to the paragraph with: 100%" and for Frame frame style
         Width to Autosize (Csongor)
       + "Graphic" frame style is not properly applied to images (changing
         afterwards and reapplying works)
       => change the defaults so resizing of the outer frame is possible
          without changing the image
     * [rfe] Template Manager:  give some kind of visual sign on built-in templates
       + grey font (not really suited) or dedicated icon likewise for default
       + basically feedback is always good (Cor)
       => let's use an icon
     * Find and Replace dialog default should other options be closed
       + expand Options independently from diacritics (Stuart)
       + like to see all (Roman)
       + Bug 111846 -> Bug 98544 (Thomas)
         + make "remember the 'other options' state" smarter
         + collapse initially and keep open if a state diverges
       + alternatively, turn diacritics option around so the checkbox can be off
       => collapse unless Diacritics is off or any other option is on
     * Menu items with identical (or very similar) labels but different actions in
       Draw and Impress
       + Align + Text/Objects in menus?
       => renaming is welcome
     * CALC - User Interface - Enhance "Connecting Cells"
       + introduce Merge Columns/Rows?
       => let's add these UNO commands for merge but not split