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Present: Sascha, Muhammet, Heiko


 * Tight integration
   + mkara wants to discuss what we can do to make it working
   + state is that a temporary address is used with extensions
     frozen at the time when the project was done
   + implemented API is not fully compatible yet (Muhammet)
   + several options on the table; fall-back solution is to run
     a script that updates the temp site every day but ideally
     we get it running on the actual extension site;
     will take care of this (Muhammet)
   + Hard feature freeze was Nov 16, UI freeze is Dec 14
   + will abandon the patch to make it exerimental (Heiko)
   => update next design meeting, Dec/03

 * Escape chart mode after Insert > Chart
   + cannot reproduce, escape closes the module and allows to
    delete (Heiko, Muhammet)
   + different behaviour between Windows and Linux (7.0.2) (Sascha) - but not
     on 7.2 (Heiko)
   + pressing escape multiple times is weird (Sascha)
     + only once required on Windows but two or three times on Linux
     + Chart Area is selected on Linux but not on Windows
     + sidebar is blank with no chart element selected
     + sidebar is not reliably refreshed
   => WFM, escaping the chart mode per ESC is possible with master
     (and on Windows)

 * Loss of nominated Chart data series Labels when target cells hidden or
   grouped & collapsed
   => assigned and patch has been submitted

 * Unwanted scroll to bottom when changing language of document
   (CTRL+A Language change)
   + remember current position on select all (instead of going
     to the end) (Heiko)
   + MS Word does left/up to first character, right/down to the end;
     LibreOffice always goes to the end, actually SelectAll changes the
     cursor position
   + API might be affected when we change the behavior (Muhammet)
   + also an option to change the view immediately with SelectAll (Sascha)
   + same situation for sentence/paragraph selection (currently the cursor
     goes to the end)
   + we may also keep the view position after SelectAll and any
     operation (Muhammet)
     + would dislike the separation of cursor position and view (Heiko)
     + only manually scrolling, eg. SelectAll + scroll to p10, should be kept
   => ideally keep the cursor position, otherwise scroll to cursor

 * Anchor decoration in Toggle formatting marks on mode (to so they exact
   location of the anchor)
   + change the anchor color/symbol?
   + using a blueish symbol sounds like a plan (Sascha)
   + might be worth to make it depended to the icon theme since
     not all users want the icon to be obtrusive (Heiko)
   => recommend color to icon designers