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Present: Muhammet, Rizal, Heiko
Comments: MikeK, Stuart


 * Added slide masters disappear from list after unassigning it from slides
   + keep master when no slide uses it?; it's just a click away in the Master
     Pages deck at Recently Used
   + why doesn't it show up in recently used? (Muhammet)
     + actually it's unreliable, sometimes applied masters are shown
       sometimes not
     + what's used in the current slide is not shown under recently
   + if "recently used" work we do not need it under "used in presentation"
   => comment

 * HTML conversion: fields always shaded
   + fields don't have a background color but are highlighted per code
   + there is no good reason to show the internal highlighting when
     opening the exported html in a browser (Heiko)
   + exporting to a file shouldn't affect the actual document; same happens
     in MSO
   + Export doesn't take the highlighting in LibreOffice but SaveAs
     does (Muhammet)
   => bug in the save filter

 * The value of “Paragraphs” does not count blank paragraphs. In the
   “Statistics” tab
   + counting number of characters doesn't take blanks into count,
     which makes sense
   + doing the same on paragraphs and ignoring empty is reasonable
   + option to show anyway or additional info somewhere?
     + comparing the number of filled and empty paragraphs is an indicator
       of proper use of styles (Heiko)
     + better give a feedback / confirmation box / just a label in the dialog
       with "you have empty paragraphs" (Muhammet)
   => add some information to the workflow

 * calc gives no visual clue about enter/edit cell mode
   + request to reconsider in c9
   + changing the background color in edit mode sounds like a plan,
     could be optional with automatic = none and any other color would be shown
     when in edit mode (Muhammet, Heiko)
   + Cursor should update immeidately
   => do it

 * Numbering List Presets in Bulgarian (4x), Russian (4x), Serbian (4x)
   + add Cyrillic to T>O>L (and hide until this option is checked like CTL/CJK)
     + strong objection since CTL/CJK make enough trouble, see
       tdf#104318 (MikeK)
     + not easy to find and error-prone (Muhammet)
   + add a "More" entry to the list that brings up further options in the
     dropdown similar to paragraph styles in the toolbar
     + sounds like a plan (Muhammet)
     + used choices could be added to the default list (Rizal)
   => let's do it