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Present: Sascha, Heiko
Comments: Octavio, Mike, Alain, Adolfo, Roman


 * ClearDirectFormatting does not remove page break
   + introduce "Clear Special" dialog, and if so with what options
   + go with another UNO command with interaction similar to Save/SaveAs
   + page break can be seen as inserting objects but is formatting (Octavio)
   + introduce tools > option > ? to also clean page break (Mike)
   + simplicity first, most users don't expect PB to be deleted with DF
     so resolve WF (Heiko)
   + MSO behaves similar to LibreOffice and keeps page break (but also
     font highlighting) with "Clear All Formatting"
   + Clear DF means to delete everything so do it by default (Sascha)
   => comment and keep

 * UI: Merge Format Edit Sections with Insert Section
   + dialogs are okay, command might be better placed at Edit
   + agree, better located at Edit and two dialogs that are the same
     is weird and unnecessary (Sascha)
   + meaning the dialog has to respond on whether an existing section is
     selected (Edit) or a new name is added (Insert)
   + different UNO commands uno:InsertSection and uno:EditRegion and there
     is also uno:EditCurrentRegion
   => let's investigate if merging is possible

 * Fix the size (number of lines) of "input line" in Calc
   + easy to do and not violating UX but very special use case
     so maybe better suited for extension
     + seems not to be possible (Alain)
   + MSO Excel remembers the expanded state (Sascha)
   => let's do it

 * Use GtkSpinButton for .uno:FontHeight
   + have been introduced in addition to the font size combobox to easily
     in-/decrease the fone size
   + spin button means to replace the combobox and the +/- buttons
   + CJK uses special dropdown entries (Ming)
   + over-engineered controls, too large with Gtk (Adolfo, Roman)
   + looks nice and clean in the sidebar but for sake of consistency
     we'd have to change the toolbar as well and that's less appealing (Sascha)
   => reject for sidebar; NB can do it

 * three improvements in File > Templates and associated .uno commands
   + rename Open Template to Edit Template
     + both work for me (Heiko)
     + open is more precise since the template is not yet
       integrated into the template manager (Sascha)
   + icons in submenu sounds okay
     + add to guideline (AI: Heiko)
   + hide uno:TemplateManager from customization
   => make easyhackable