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    Present: Swetha, Sascha, Patrick, Heiko, (KomaIP)
    Comments: Jan, Gerhard, Csongor, Thomas
     * FIND AND REPLACE DIALOG: Allow users to see the replace result before
       moving to the next search
       + not convinced it requires any change (Jan)
         + replacement lacks on proper feedback at most applications (Heiko)
       + how about repeated click interaction, optionally per checkbox,
         Replace->Next->Replace->Next... on the same button (Csongor)
         + needs to be optional, default should be the current (Patrick, Sascha)
         + checkbox may be labeled "Automatically progress on replace" (Sascha)
         + moving the mouse from replace to next and back is tedious,
           + change button label/function from replace to next - has drawbacks when
             the search parameters are changed
           + exchange next/replace buttons' position - totally confusing and
             bad usability
       + perhaps better not implement as it's a corner/expert case (Patrick)
         + feedback could be done differently, eg. via highlighting the replaced terms
       => comment; seek for a proper interaction
     * Remove Euro Converter Wizard from Wizard menu
       + might have been useful in the past but fully agree to remove (Sascha)
       + would have been better done as extension
       + can be realized per F&R
       => no objection to remove
     * UI: Confusing categorization of the 'Hidden' feature
       => closed as WF meanwhile
     * Add label to "Settings" button in Template Manager and change label to
       + agreed, and perhaps move the button next to the category dropdown (Jan)
       + add Move to this menu (Seth)
         + doesn't work since Move applies to a single template (Sascha)
       + label might be useful, wouldn't use Category as it sounds like choosing
         maybe better call it Manage; but not if the button is placed next to the
         categories dropdown (Sascha)
       + move to top but let it show a dialog where a list allows to pick the
         categories are listed with all possible interactions next to it (Patrick)
       => move the button but discuss first on BZ whether as menu or dialog