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    Present: Sascha, Heiko, (Steve)
    Comments: Stuart, Jan, Gerhard, Regina, Thomas, MikeK, Seth
     * VIEWING Enhancement: Show cursor position as percentage of document
       + nice to have but rather as document statistics with line/column
         number (Heiko); OP replied: "not suited for my use case"
       + limited value to our 'Benjamin' users (Stuart)
       + Writer is not a layout program (Sascha)
       => WF
     * VIEW MENU: Replace View>Show Horizontal Scroll Bar/Vertical Scroll Bar
       with single menu entry
       + pointless change; modifications to the main menu need very good
         reason (Roman, Stuart)
       + many programs like GIMP and Inkscape switch all SB on/off; but
         LibreOffice has a submenu for the scrollbars individually (Sascha)
         + scrollbars belong to the OS/DE and whether they be small or hide
           after a while is up to the system (Heiko)
         + scrollbars have a high value as they show the document position
         + comparison with image editors is bad because canvas is moved per mouse
       + rulers have a master switch with a shortcut (Sascha)
         + but a weird interaction with checkboxes that are not independent
       + we could improve the rulers, have a master switch plus both vertical and
         horizontal options - and the same for scrollbars with the advantage of
         a shortcut to switch (both) scrollbars off (Sascha)
         + doubt the use case; horizontal scrolling, ie. high zoom level,
           is very unusual (Heiko)
       + benefit is that LibreOffice becomes more familiar with other tools (Sascha)
       => does not hurt to add the command but has low priority
     * UI: Label "type" & Image  in the image properties dialog not really helpful
       + no change for sake of changing, Image may remain Image (Gerhard)
       + Type is misleading (Regina)
       + Type => Position and Size, Image => Flip and Rotation (Heiko)
         + Image could be just Rotation (Sascha)
       + charts and formula objects also use "Type" (for position and size
         information), text box and shapes "Position and Size"
         + "Rotation" is used at shapes too
       => do it
     * Add bulk-save/bulk-close options for documents
       + multi-document interface (MDI) instead of an application with one interface
         for all documents/graphics is are rather not suited for this method
       + optional if implementation is easy with less maintenance (Jan, Thomas)
       + special workflow, better realized per macro (Sascha)
       + don't see the benefit from one dialog with many checkboxes for
         MDI documents (would be different in case of SDI) (Heiko)
       + command "Save All" works fine anyway (Sascha)
       + "Close All" without asking to save changes is a dangerous function
         and I'm strongly against it (Heiko)
       => WF (not much benefit with some effort)
     * The "Strong" button when added to a toolbar shows "Strong Emphasis"
       not Strong
       + keep "Strong Emphasis" and rename the UNO command (MikeK)
       => follow Mike's suggestion
     * Using Ctrl + Shift + B and Ctrl + Shift + I for Emphasis and Strong Emphasis
       character styles (and change Super/Subscript keyboard shortcuts)
       + rather alt+shift+e/s for _E_mphasis and _S_trong Emphasis (Seth)
       + Strong Emphasis might be bold but could be any other style (see also
         bug 136686 comment 8 above); therefore the association with direct
         formatting is misleading
       + it's not possible to customize character style shortcuts (bug 106785)
         neither is one assigned
       => keep the CS empty and resolve ticket as WF