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    Present: Muhammad Rivan, Heiko
    Comments: many
     * UX - While objects on a slide are being edited,  notably text boxes,
       the new slide sorter Ctrl+Shift shortcut combinations (see bug 91909)
       incorrectly receive focus and move the slide
       + resolve WF or change default shortcut
         + move paragraph in Writer per ctrl+alt+arrow
           in Impress per alt+shift+arrow, in Kate per ctrl+shift+arrow
         + ctrl+shift+arrow is select to beginning/end of paragraph or word
         + ctrl+alt+arrow? sounds good, and is not used in edit mode (Rivan)
       + add UNO commands and replace hard-coded shortcuts
         + quite some effort for not much benefit and different topic
       + changed for tdf#91909 with side-effect in tdf#139286
       => change the shortcut to ctrl+alt+arrow
       + scrollbars are connected under gtk3
       => AI Heiko: file a bug report
     * Visual indication that there is nothing to compare
       + infobar or confirmation box (Heiko)
         + infobar is annoying (Rivan)
       + change title into "<document name> (unedited)" (Rivan)
         + very much unobtrusive; users will not spot it (Heiko)
       + shape with text under the text (Rivan)
         + needs to disappear when the user starts typing
         + quite a lot of effort for the corner case
       => simplest solution first for the very unlikely case,
          maybe it can be done as easyhack
     * Option to redact/ anonymizing file by replacing images by dummy
       or make them black (Sanitize media)
       + there are means to (manually) cover images
       + but why not have an automated method if this is easy to implement
       => comment
     * UI: Selection feedback for inclusion empty line not great
       + select all on empty lines shows only a thin blue line
         and the blinking cursor; is it enough?
       + if the selection includes the line break the blue feedback
         goes until the very end of the paragraph
       => that's sufficient meaning WF
     * Table>insert Rows should move the cursor to the new row
       + Writer: table, insert row -> put cursor there?
       + expect the cursor to move to the new row (Rivan)
       + it would require to also go to the upper row if added above,
         or to the left/right column respectively
       => no objection to do it; low priority