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Present: Heiko, (Hakeem)
Comments: Telesto, Sascha, Andreas, Timur, Stuart, Regina


 * UI: The Base preview for recent opened files isn't it. The
   transparency around the icon feels off
   + white background, large icon, placement at bottom right,
     or WF (all until real preview)
   + enlarge (Telesto), rather have a dummy preview (Andreas)
   + hard to impossible to implement an usable preview for databases,
     though a larger icon e.g. similar to A1 letter could improve the view (Sascha)
   => design some kind of dummy preview and show behind the icon which goes to
      the usual position then

 * VIEWING: Enhancement: Provide a window for foot notes in Web Layout view
   + web layout is just not suited for footnotes; the Navigator has
     everything to quickly jump to the FN position (and back thanks
     the new Recency option) WF (Heiko)
   => very old ticket, no more opinions = WF

 * Usability: "Move or Copy Sheet"; the difference is subtle, but important
   + change the default to Copy or use Copy/Move instead of Ok
   + no need for a change (Timur)
   + Copy is a bit safer (Heiko)
   => do it

 * Import support for open image formats - ORA and XCF
   + out of scope (Heiko)
   + these are work-files of there specific applications not image-files
     itselves (Sascha)
   + if well-spec'ed and licensed we could add an import filter (Stuart)
   => not worth the effort, WF

 * WRITER: context menu "Unstyle selected text" from  list style to
   "no-list" style
   + a "None"-entry on top of the list could be useful (Sascha)
   + Character Style has a Default to unset (Heiko)
   => add "No List" on top

 * UI: Main toolbar lacking option to enable border for textbox in Draw/Impress
   (contrary to Calc/Writer)
   + add line style dropdown (Heiko), +1 (Andreas)
   + different toolbars, different function, WFM (Regina)
   => go with the line style dropdown