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    Present: Heiko
    Comments: Sascha, Stuart, Regina, Andreas
     * Don't retain image position when cut/pasting exclusively the image
       + NAB (Heiko)
       + option already implemented but would need another paste special
         command without changing the image type, no opinion (Sascha)
       => NAB
     * On Writer's standard TB and Insert menu: replace current "Text Box"
       a draw shape (.uno:DrawText) with the interactive frame with column
       (.uno:InsertFrameInteract) control
       + quite some effort (Stuart), good idea (Regina)
       + sdraw objects shouldn't replace main features of swriter (Sascha)
       + the frame has several advantages and should be preferred (Sascha)
       => do it
     * F2 for inserting textbox (shape) kind odd choice
       + could use Ctrl+T, similar to Ctrl+K for hyperlinks (Sascha)
       + we could use F2 for manage templates, Shift+F2 in Calc (Sascha)
       + text box is not a frequently used feature and removal
         is much harder (Heiko)
       => resolve this bug as NAB, comment on the other
     * Should "Bullets and Numbering" in Writer become "Bullets and Lists",
       with consistent use of "List Style" in Writer UI?
    + Bullets are also sort of list, see or (Sascha)
       + maybe "Apply Lists..." for the menu entry (includes transform and
         create cases) and "Unsorted List" and "Sorted List" for toolbar
         entries (Numb. List also include Letters) (Sascha)
       => ticket has been taken by Seth and patch is submitted
     * UI: Underline split button in regular toolbar
       + adds functionality (Sascha)
       + +1 (Andreas)
       => do it