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    Present: Heiko
    Comments: Mike, Sascha, ibelin, Uwe
     * Enhancement: Field "Date(fixed)": remove or un-default
       + fix date for documents created per template (Mike, Sascha, ibelin)
       + change the default and rename "Date" to "Auto Date" and
         "Date (fixed)" to "Current Date" (Sascha)
       + to minimize the effort for l10n we could just go with
         "Date (variable)" and keep "fixed" (Heiko)
       => do it
     * Add an APPLY button to "Number Format" dialog
       + WYSIWYG preview in the dialog, no need for Apply (Uwe)
       => WF
     * UI: Merge Format Edit Sections with Insert Section
       + after insert we need to edit (Regina)
       + redesign needed/beneficial so both use cases are handled
         with the same dialog?
       + insert and edit are likely using the same UI
       => WF
     * Writer sidebar minimum width is too wide when docked
       + c39: introduce an option to override the minimum width?
       + sounds like a tempting expert option, +1 (Heiko)
       => comment
     * Spacing between footnote number and text should be fixed.
       A single backspace should remove it
       + not an issue / by design (Heiko)
       => NAB
     * Calc UI: Make the comment UI more consistent
       + disappearing comments is by design, see other tickets
       + check view > comments to make it always visible
       + acting like a shape vs. text box allows easy moving
       + comments in post-it style look good but lack the option
         to move, take a lot of space making it hard to comment
         adjacent cells (Heiko)
       => keeping the ticket for a while but suggest to resolve WF