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Present: Heiko
Comments: Mike


 * Editing a FONTWORK is difficult
   + a) hide the fontwork design
   + b) grey-out/watermark the design
     + preferred over a)
   + c) temporarily revert stretching and rotation effects
     + might work with limited features of MSO but unclear
       with all the options we have
   + d) edit the content in a separate dialog
     + sounds like the simplest solution
   => preference: b) - d) (any work)

 * UI: Add footnotes and endnotes to context menu when right
   clicking footnote in document area
   + no urgent need to contextually edit F&E at the variable field
   + apparently there is no special context for fields so this
     change implies quite some effort
   => WF

 * Unnecessary dialog box when attempting to sort single-column (or row) data
   + convenience and safety feature, WF (Mike)
   + unclear use case
   => WF

 * Already used terms in Find & Replace window to be accessible from input search
   + expand the list after character has been entered (Bogdan)
   + technically similar request in bug 133494
   + no objection
   => expand the list if number of results are <20 (and shrink further on type)

 * HYPERLINK DIALOG: Add folder as target
   + better document the workaround than adding more UI controls (Heiko)
   => forward to documentation