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Present: Timothy, Rizal, Heiko
Comments: Mike, Seth, Timur, Regina, Roman


 * Calc: Rename Show/hide comment icons to distinguish from separate show
   and hide
   + Go with "Show/Hide All Comments" to better distinguish the plural (Rizal)
   => comment

 * It's unclear, how "Continue previous numbering" should work
   + disable commands when not applicable (Heiko)
   + merge full list not only one item (Mike, Timur in c2, 36220c10)
   + make Continue more prominent, eg on the toolbar (Seth, Regina in c3,
   + all topics covered in different bugs (Timur)
   + rename to "Add to previous list" and "Combine lists" (Seth)
   => go for it

 * FORMATTING: Extend borders toolbar dialog with border formatting
   + simplicity first or convenience/all-in-one
   + floating widgets usually close on click - so adding more
     options to the widget requires opening it again (Heiko)
   => WF

 * Redo Undo Enhancement for protect/unprotect sheet and spreadsheet
   structure in Libreoffice Calc
   + dislike (Roman)
   + privacy issue and no benefit/use case in having the exact
     item name in the undo stack (Heiko)
   => WF

 * freeze/crash when creating a diagram from many thousand cells
   + any further input?
   => None