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    Present: Sascha, Heiko
    Comments: Andreas
     * FILEOPEN: easier access to scale drawings
       + add a Scale section to the statusbar showing the actual value and allow
         to change per context menu
       + saving at the document could be handy (Sascha)
       => feedback/access per statusbar
     * UI: [Enhancement] Option to keep cursor vertically centered in viewport
       + ideally add a command for customization and perhaps assign it
         to scroll lock; should be shown in the statusbar
       + maybe good for an extension; definitely low priority (Sascha)
       + what happens at document end? activate the direct cursor mode?
         what on jump via Navigator
         what if the position is occupied by an object?
       => recommend to resolve WF but if someone volunteers...
     * Page naming "right" and "left" is wrong for right-to-to left documents
       should be "odd" and "even"
       + see also bug 94847
       + left/right has no meaning and even/odd would have been better
       + but changing left/right to even/odd has a many consequences, eg.
         header/footer "same content on..."
       + hinting for l10n might be a solution in some cases but irritate
         people who switch between languages
       => agreement to the change
     * UI: Footnote area in Tools _> Footnotes and endnotes not self-explaining
       + anything unclear in respect to comment 2?
       + labels are not self-explanatory (Sascha)
         + change "Text area" and "Footnote area" to
           "Text marker" and "Footnote marker"
       => do it easyhackable
     * Add 4 more default bullet types to toolbar split button and dialog
       + what bullets/numbering schemes exactly should we use?
       + see also bug 120905 (revamp the dialog) and attachment to bug 140612
       + provide better bullets (Andreas)
       + more items don't solve the issue of bad presets and configurability
         (neither when improving the presets)
       + preferably we have a kind of favorite function and users can pick
         the best eight out of unlimited and self-made list styles (Heiko)
       + small-screen users want small widgets (Sascha)
       => no objection when the bullets are improved but better revamp
          the dialog than adding more items
     * func keyword entry on Elements pane should insert a function name
       suggesting user to modify it
       + func <?>(<?>) is hard to understand
       + func <name>(<?>) is not localizable
       + but since this function is likely used by experts and the terminology
         is well-known this solution hurts less
       => go for it