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    Present: Heiko
    Comments: Roman, Sascha, Stuart, Dieter
     * AutoFilter dropdown doesn't show (empty) on top of the list with values
       + to hide empty cells might be common and often used;
         the "(empty)" entry after numbers before text can be hard
         to find in large lists => +1 (Heiko)
       + MSO places <empty> at the bottom (Roman)
       => move it to the top
     * Default Character Style should be renamed
       + "No Character Style" (Seth, Regina), "Set to Paragraph Default" (Sascha)
       => No CS is less error-prone for l10n
     * Make non-breaking hyphen the default hyphen character in LibreOffice Writer
       + -1 (Roman, Stuart), +1 if it's the default;
         true for auto-hyphenation (Dieter) (Heiko)
       => resolve WF
     * Context menu "open file location" from StartCenter thumbnail views
       + can of worms (Heiko)
       => keep ticket open
     * Make bottom description area in Sidebar's Function section more high
       + scale with content, resize by default?
       => make it a bit larger to put more attention on it but also
          ensure word-wrap is working correctly