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    Present: Sascha, Heiko
    Comments: Regina, Dieter
     * Measurement settings are separate for each module - make it to one
       setting LibreOffice -wide (edit)
       + move Tools > Options > (Module) > Measurement Unit to
         Tools > Option > Language (Heiko)
       + keep separate since modules might need special units (Regina)
       + agree with Regina (Sascha), sane default used via locale
       + cannot follow the idea to specify the page size in Draw in pt
         and in Writer in cm, for example (Heiko)
       + would prefer one default and individual settings for each control,
         see bug 72662 (Heiko) (see also bug 44267 and bug 134448)
       => comment with recommendation to make it a duplicate
     * Keyboard accelerator & shortcut assignments -- review divergence
       from MS Word for reasonable common use cases [accessibility]
       + we neither have a shortcut for character style (CS)
         nor the paragraph style (PS); MSO has no shortcut defined for PS
       + using D makes no sense neither having no shortcut for PS (Heiko)
       + ctrl+D is occupied by double underline, which is not needed
         shift+ctrl+D Right-To-Left
       + Using it quite often with Alt+P for paragraph style,
         Shift+Alt+P for page style, and Alt+C for character style (Sascha)
       => go for it as easyhack
     * Change default pen color and width for presentation
       + store the last setting is the way to go (and we do so)
         but do we need to change the default?
       => no need to change the red and normal
     * Mark the page gutter area in the preview in the page layout dialog
       + draw the gutter area with hatching like MSO?
         + requires to pimp the preview so document canvas
           and document content are shown as such
       => no objection to adopt the MSO solution
     * Feature request: Collapsible objects in Normal view
       + not a good idea in normal mode (Dieter)
       + don't see need for a special handling beyond
         outline content visibility (Heiko)
       => comment