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    Present: Heiko
    Comments: Regina, Roman, Uwe, Adolfo, Stuart
     * FIND TOOLBAR: Incremental search in Writer should be supported
       + sounds like a performance question
       => new, needsdevadvice
     * Aspect ratio disturbed while switching Slide > Format
       + "keep aspect ratio" is unrelated, duplicate of 
          tdf#106858 (Regina)
       => dup
     * UI: would like outline format available in the slide pane as
       an additional tab
       + contextually similar overview, +1 (Heiko)
       => move Outline tab to Slides pane (and make it a tabbed view)
     * Better default font choice for the Writer comments, and/or ability
       to customize the font family and size for comments
       + metadata pollute the document (Jean-François)
         + not if we allow to clear formatting a la ctrl+M (Heiko)
       + consider CTL/CJK; disagree with decreasing font size (Roman)
       + introduce a comment style, tdf#103064 (Uwe)
       + or allow simple customization as in tdf#62150 (Heiko)
       + proposed font is out-dated twice (Adolfo)
       => dup of 62150
     * flow in search and replace window
       + proposal is to have options above Find
       + Find must be fully configured before the Replacement can 
         be configured/entered; controls must remain consistent 
         for a11y => WF (Stuart)
       + request is reasonable (and has duplicate in tdf#141227)
       + better put it below the Replace field (Heiko)
       => do it