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    Present: Heiko
    Comments: Stuart, Gabor, MikeK
     * VIEWING: Can't page down accurately in "Entire Page" view
       + WF (Stuart)
       + toggle <alt> pg+up/dn in single page mode?
         + OP: not working; comments tagged as off-topic
       => no objection to adjust pg dn/up to scroll a full page in
          'entire page' zoom level
     * PIVOTTABLE: unintuitive referencing in copying sheets
       + omit $Sheet1 reference when creating in the same sheet
       => do it
     * SELECTION: Make it more visible, if a shape is not included
       into a selection (because its anchor is not included)
       + show snap points on selection (like when clicked)
       => do it
     * RFE: Open a Standard filter as widget from Autofilter
       + not adding the standard filter but removing a filter (Gabor)
         + ideally disabled when no further filter is used to
           have proper feedback
       => do it
     * Calc should display hint "internal calculation is done without rounding"
       + common behavior, double calculation costs -> WF (MikeK)
       + "hide" option or rather have a separate section for those
         dangerous settings
       + could imagine a statusbar item that gives feedback and allows
         to switch + recalculating
       => keep open; better feedback welcome