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    Present: Heiko
    Comments: Seth, Adolfo
     * Rename and Reorder Template Menu to make it more intuitive.
       => dup of 137906
     * User Notes (Howto): toolbars, screens offer possibility for user to enter
       his own howto-tips
       + no further input; no UI change recommended
       => forward to documentation
     * Add choice for vertical align to optical center
       + would rather expect center on view but some special calculation,
         good for an extension (Heiko)
       => no further opinion, WF
     * Implement os/DE theme support in Basic Editor, allow for dark mode when used
       + disagree with a special setting in Tools > Options > Application Color (Heiko)
       + color should match UI default (Adolfo)
       => comment, keep alive
     * Filter by colors in Calc
       + add Search/Filter for style but also for color?
       + no further comment
       => add mockup to the ticket