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    Present: Eyal, Sascha, Heiko
    General discussion
     * Procedure of handling closed topics
       + me doesn't close reopened tickets (Heiko)
         + trying to have not too many tickets requesting input from UX
       + UI changes that are not consensual - how are future suggestions
        for reversal treated (regardless of time)? (Eyal)
        + we have a democratic approach, if the majority of commenters
          have an opinion this is the way to go (whether to resolve or not)
        + meritocracy counts, experts' option are paramount
        + consistency is prime, changing things back and forth are bad
      + it's always legitimate to reopen/create tickets to reconsider decisions
        + however, convincing people from the opposite of the previous decisions
          takes much more persuasion; usually those tickets are quickly
          closed again
      + is there a formal procedure to file a bug? (Eyal)
        + everyone should be able to write down ideas; QA/UX asks back what the
          use case is, if it affects more users/use cases, and what a general
          solution might be
      + would be nice to have these information somewhere
        + is a guideline but
          maybe missing the point on enhancements
        => AI: expand on this
     * Drag and drop below the last position should place the caret at the end
       + allow or block dragging beyond the end of document
       + current situation allows to drop in the void and pasts at the end,
         which is convenient precision-wise (Sascha)
         + is drag/drop at the end of the document a common workflow? (Heiko)
         + yes, i do so often; in particular with images (Eyal, Sascha)
       + can follow the OP's idea of a clear workflow; position of caret is wrong
       + if we show the caret at the correct position at the end it might be
         a proper compromise (Eyal)
       => reopen the ticket and adjust the summary
     * Add indicator of text outside page boundary eg. due to negative indentation
       + Frames (without Autosize) show a red "text overflow" triangle; we should
         do the same on indentation beyond the canvas
       + the specific choice of a red color could be a bit annoying visually,
         somewhat garish (Eyal)
       + showing the triangle outside the document canvas wouldn't draw it over
         the text
       + do we need to allow overly low/high values at all? (Sascha)
         + IIRC, MSO allows to indent by ~10km ;-)
         + It's useful because the page width might change, and 'invalid' values
           may become valid again or vice-versa (Eyal)
       => do it
     * Add Gutter Margin in Page Margin drop down menu of layout tab of
       Tabbed interface
       + not needed in the floating widget as it's not a frequently used
         feature (Heiko, Sascha)
         + /ranting: this widget with quick access to properties seems to be
           a direct formatting but changes the page style and is wrong in the
           first place (Heiko)
         + nah, it's a useful thing to play with margins and see how it looks
           immediately, rather than guess, in the dialog, how the new margins will
           look when you close the dialog (Eyal)
       + it is well-known among the experts (Eyal)
       + widget is labeled "margins" (Sascha)
         + another tool/notebookbar item, named "Gutter", instead of the request of
           this bug? (Eyal)
         + same arguments, -1 (Heiko)
       + sympathize with the idea and my -1 is a weak one (Eyal)
         + notebookbar protagonists should make a statement
       => keep the ticket
     * Add a view option for 'Book view' to suppress page gutter
       + always show gutter; view menu is too long right now, users don't know 
         book view mode neither gutter - but would be confronted on the menu (Heiko)
       + would introduce an option to hide the gutter (Sascha)
       + show by default but bind to "Show Whitespace" (Eyal)
         + features are not related to each other (Heiko)
       + clicking on the gutter could collapse to a minimum and clicking this would
         expand back (Eyal)
         + requires a menu entry for a11y (Heiko)
       + no objection to the UNO command "Show Gutter" that can be customized
         somewhere (Heiko)
       => do so
     * Allow page gutter position 'Right' for left pages
       + important for RTL/LTR documents (Eyal)
       + left/right is supposed to be superseded by even/odd (Sascha)
       + perhaps "side" (and top) instead of left (Heiko)
       => let's discuss on BZ