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    Present: Maria, Heiko
    Comments: Sascha, Stuart
    General discussion
    * Welcome to the design team, Maria!
       + What we do, how we work, why it is fun
     * Make cell border dropdown from Sidebar available for Toolbar
       + not much advantage better focus on bug 11360 (Heiko)
       + agree, also Calc Sidebar picker is "buggy" mixing toggle
         and add as standard option (Sascha)
       + quite some spacing between items (Heiko)
       + not needed because because too many options, would
         be nice to have user-defined configurations (Maria)
       => recommend to not do but keep the ticket
     * UI: Tab of visible sheet looks the same as other selected tabs
       + revert and make active sheet label bold?
       + changing the color for selected sheet is unappealing as we
         support sheet colors; suggest black borders for all selected
         sheets and bold text + black borders for active sheet (Sascha)
         + border as in frame?
       => make font bold again
     * LO Writer: in dialog for insertion of cross-reference, allow
       user to filter for the number of the target
       + currently we filter per *<foo>* and the request is to do
       + no big deal, user can always specify by longer text (Sascha)
       + makes sense only for numbers (Heiko)
       => comment and keep ticket
     * LO colors theme: dark mode: use darker document background color
       + too much contrast with white on full black (Stuart)
       + rather use a darker application background color and a slightly
         lighter document background that has a good contrast with
         white text (Sascha)
       => WF
     * EDITING: Request ability to configure text export used when pasting
       plain text
       + optional clipboard delimiter like space makes pasting a pain
         but how about a "special copy" dialog?
         + unclear how this affect pasting, ie. spaces as delimiter
           could always evoke the text import dialog
       + how about a makro that reads all entries out of a table and list
         them down in plain text? to rare use case to clutter the UI (Sascha)
       => WF for the in-program solution; realize this per extension