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    Present: Steve, Heiko
    Comments: Regina, Miklos
     * Improve indications for excluded data in a pivot table
       + no indication for standard filters (neither in pivot tables
         nor the normal view)
       + duplicates bug 140095 and bug 119958 (NAB)
       => compare with other applications
     * Preserve last used Paste special options selection for
       next session (after restarting LibreOffice)
       + some "see also" additions
       + could be another button "User settings" in the new dialog
         done for bug 134802
       => just remember the last settings; easyhack
     * Confusing behavior when cell with number is changed to
       format Text: no indication if cell value type is number or text
       + different behavior when cell format is set to text depending on
         value exists before (number is kept) or entered later (number
         is taken as text and not added to summation, for example)
       + Value highlighting works well (Regina)
       + exactly the same behavior with MSO
       => recommend WF
     * Add "Goto sheet" dialog to Calc
       + add a new dialog or rely on Navigator and F&R dialog (that
         could be enhanced with another option)
       + MSO has this dialog including a range selection
       => comment
     * TSCP Classification toolbar in Calc – is it needed?
       + both Writer and Calc use a toolbar for the function but Calc
         has only one option while Writer allows, for example, to
         set classification per paragraph
       + same behavior on MSO (Miklos)
       + toolbar makes no sense for one-time operations, better use a
         dialog for the option
       => comment and accept