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    Present: Heiko
    Comments: Dieter, Telesto, johnks, Alain
     * INDEX: Table of figures Hyperlink points to caption, should point to
       parent frame
       + depends on "Create from Captions" or "Create from Object Names" whether
         the object is in focus or the caption; expect always the target
         in view (Dieter)
         + link from ToF should behaves like link from a cross reference
       + expect different behavior since caption and object might
         be separate (Heiko)
       + change behavior of ToF to behaves like cross reference (Dieter)
         + with "Insert reference to" specification?- isn't it what
         Display offers; more options sounds like over-engineering (Heiko)
       + how about renaming? "Create From" -> "Reference to" and "Object names"
         -> "Figure"/"Table"/etc.
       => no further input, comment and remove keyword
     * Do not display "Table" toolbar by default in Impress
       + +1 (Telesto)
       + hide Drawing toolbar and show Table at this place (Heiko)
       => do it
     * UI: Table properties borders doesn't show top border if row selected
       + likely NAB for performance reasons but OTOH maybe related
         to tdf#142440 (Heiko)
       => keep ticket for dev advice
    * Inconsistent use and non-antialiased graphical representation and
      of rotation wheels
      + drop the dialcontrols a) don't b) on sidebar c) everywhere
      + agree with sidebar but not dialogs (Heiko)
      => no further input, keep ticket
    * The macro-UI is confusing and not intuitive to me
      + what is needed?
        + properties of the selected sheet at sidebar (johnks)
          + loosely related to the request to rework the UI (Heiko)
          + UNO object inspector might cover this (Alain)
      + aged UI; macro edition, management and execution should be separate;
        use external IDE for some languages such as Python where many
        advanced features are standard (Alain)
        + external tools wouldn't be integrated making the execution and
          debugging difficult
        + keeping a MVP is necessary so rework should consider external
          tools and update the UI conservatively (Heiko)
      => mockup needed