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    Present: Heiko
    Comments: Stuart, Thomas, Mike, et al.
     * Impress: change Custom Slide Show toolbar icon to dropdown
       + add UNO command / widget that lists custom slideshows and run it on click
       => no objection, do it
     * Want character width scale button+mini-dialog
       + no requirement / little benefit (Stuart)
       + +1, users want quick access (Thomas)
       + -1, too many features spoil the party; only frequently used
         attributes need to be on toolbars (Heiko)
       + should be available but not shown by default (Eyal)
       + unclear if "text-scale" can be a percentage of default font metric
         to horizontally scale either a Text run 'T1' or to a Paragraph 'P1' (Stuart)
       => subject to provision of percentage, let's do it
     * Split the current "Help" menu into three separate top-level menus
       (instead of one) to separate help content, bug-reporting content,
       and 'about' content
       + no benefit (Stuart)
       + no user has been struggling with the Help menu (Mike)
       + first, root level items should organize the menu not give
         access to seldom used function; introducing an inbuilt bugtracking
         feature might be interesting but not at a different (sub-)menu (Heiko)
       => WF
     * There is no provision to export/import user-settings
     * Make configuration extensionizable
       + exporting the configuration makes not much sense (in contrast
         to what said in bug 59493, c5 (Heiko)
       + topic is delicate regarding privacy/security
       + unclear use case; for personal use the registrymodification.xcu
         can be copy/pasted right now
       => WF