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    Present: Nissa, Maria, Heiko
     * Discussion of the Calc survey
       + some fine-tuning still needed
       + when done share with the design group for discussion
       + present results at the conference
     * LibreOffice Writer - Paste Special = LibreOffice Calc - Paste Special
       + "enhance" the paste special dialog in Writer with formatting options?
       + sounds not too bad; mockup would be nice
       => prepare one for further discussion
     * mismatch between command names and menu label for styles commands in
       Tools-Customize-Menus -- but they are consistent in "Toolbars"
       => keep but show additional information such as popop and context label
          in description/tooltip
     + DIALOG: Revise Page Style's Page tab
       + needed/desirable?
       => no further input, do it