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    Present: Sascha, Heiko
    Comments: Stuart, Sophie
     * UI: Sidebar Styles follow active document across all windows
       + Navigator has document1..n or active in the dropdown, so it is
         possible to keep the view at the current document (Sascha)
       + possible use case: one, detached Stylist applies to many open document;
         but this doesn't work since the undocked frame becomes hidden when
         switching the app and replaced on next activation
       => needs to be changed
     * Snap-to-grid button should be on more toolbars, optionally or by default
       + makes sense (Stuart)
       + Writer has Snap below Show Grid in the menu (on the toolbar without
         a button to show the grid this command makes not much sense)
       + Draw/Impress: no .uno:UseGrid in main menu > View > Grid
         + weird to not see it
       + have Snap together with Show on Draw/Impress but not the other
         modules, where the menu is sufficient (Sascha)
       => do it
     * UI: optional filter for 'Language' dropdown in 'Character' dialog
       to show only most sensible language choices
       + show the top five languages and have a "more" button (Heiko)
       + all language are important (Sophie)
       + show only the languages that are installed by application option,
         however user may paste content in alien languages (Sascha)
         + unclear what "installed language" means, and it could be the
           unexpected when for example the locale language is not contained
       + Sorting could help; could be done depending on region/locale (Sascha)
       + or just WF because you can search for the language by typing (Heiko)
       => comment, keep
     * Add an Accessibility sidebar
       + realize per extension (Stuart, Sascha, Heiko)
       => resolve wf/moved
     * Page numbers not removed from ToC when saved to HTML
       + HTML shows no page number when using Export but does with Save,
         epub removes the ToC completely (Heiko)
       => drop the page number