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    Present: Maria, Nissa, Heiko
    Comments: Cor, Alex et al.
     * Final touches to the Calc survey
         + accepted ideas/comments, added to/fixed in the survey
           + drop question about gender -> done
           + What do you use LibreOffice Calc for? Personal, School... -> added
           + typo in "Liner(sp) and non-linear" -> fixed
           + 5 steps Likert Scale instead of 7 -> done
           + "select 6.." could become "Select 6 if you are not a robot" ->
             we removed the question
           + "Please select "No Answer" -> added an answer option
           + make it typograhically perfect -> the PDF was just to share the content
           + usage frequency - less than once a year, a couple of times in a year...
           -> we updated the answer options but didnt stick to the example since
             an office suite is something special
         + rejected ideas
           + why people don't use Calc more often -> would be weird for "every day"
           + number of items in Q9 (importance of Calc features),
             Spell Check, Formulas and Calculations, Rows and columns manipulation,
             Number, percent, and Currency formatting;
             combine text and cell formatting -> hard to say what to remove; we'd
             like to learn how users understand the features and answer groups might
             reveal this; we put questions into groups to make it easier to read
           + add descriptions to the answer options -> as for the expertise it
             should be clear anyway, and the other questions will not become useless
             with a bit fuzzyness
           + SUS
             + cut "very" from Q13 (SUS)
             + Ask "To what extent do you agree with the following statements"
             + hard to switch between positive/negative answers
             -> it's a standardized questionnaire with exactly these questions
             + alternative but still accepted versions
             -> familiar with the classic version, easier to compare with previous
                results; positive wording is acc. to Sauro similar to classic form
           + Age
             + age drop/to the end; rather ask how long using computers; if age,
               then year of birth
             -> year of birth is also not clear; age in years is common in surveys
             + age: add steps above 55 -> ???
             -> we changed the steps with the idea of pupils, students, master/ph.d,
               postdocs, mid-ager, retired <18, 32, 45, 65, >65
           + run the survey with a couple of people and evaluate -> usually a good
             idea but a bit overdone for a non-scientific survey, and with 10
             subjects we cannot group answers
           + More/other open questions (list your top 5 jobs, most important
             application, answers are you looking for) -> proposed open questions
             are more or less covered in the survey; idea was to give people (non-
             native speakers) an idea what we are looking for with the opportunity
             to answer freely
           + Q7 (now 8) size of data: average/typical is not the maximum -> largest
             is not the normal use and while both are interesting we decided to ask
             for the average
           + better split "How many sheets, How many rows/cols -> we want to learn
             how people think about size rather than get exact answers
       => many thanks for reading and commenting to everyone
          + start is planned for this week and it will run until end of July
     * "Input list" field: Add confirmation dialog in order to prevent lost of data
       + in general, input on any field requiring some action before okay
         is not checked; should be only a few cases, if any, and definitely not
       + adding a warning in this particular case sounds like over-engineering
         (field input !empty and <> list entries on okay) and interrupting (Heiko)
       -> comment and remove keyword but keep open
     * The visibility of inserted index entries is poor and editing is difficult
       + depends on the interaction and is flexible
       + no further input for 2 years
       -> resolve NAB
     * Formdesign: Design-Mode for the whole form could only be changed by
       "Open in Design Mode"
       + "form design mode" and "form elements design mode" or
         "controls design mode" (Cor)
       + "document design mode" and "form control design mode" (Alex)
       + current situation is "Design Mode On/Off", "Form Design", and
         "Toggle Design Mode" / "Design Mode" in context
       + commands are named differently (now), new labels wont help to reduce
         the complexity
       -> resolve NAB