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    Present: Mike, Heiko
    Comments: Aadi, Sophie, Olivier, Regina, Stuart
     * Expose "Allow animating images" at the UI
     * A way to identify animating gif images inside a presentation (or draw)
       + stopping animations is possible via Accessibility setting (Aadi)
         + new position?
       + not seeing animated gif is a safety/security issue if disabled (Mike)
       + typically settings would be "show only once", "never", "always",
         "start/stop on click"
       + indicator could be a big gray triangle (as known from video players)
     => comment
     * Rename gradient 'border' label to something more meaningful
       + Threshold, Boundary (Sophie)
       + "Offset" (Heiko) - sounds to me as "shifted somewhere" (Mike)
       + Border > "Distance to edge" (border is an area, a frame with some
         width) (Mike)
     * Rename gradient 'border' label to something more meaningful
       + Transition, Offset, Midpoint (Sophie, Olivier)
       + "Start/End extension" (Regina)
       + don't see a problem with "value" (Mike)
       + some indicator like a pointing arrow that shows up when hovering over
         the control in the UI would be helpful (Mike)
       + tooltips would be definitely helpful (Mike)
         + border/distance:
           "Defines the distance to the edge of the area where the gradient
            of the transparency starts. The border area itself will take the
            transparency from the edges of the gradient."
          + start/end value:
            "Percent of transparency at which the gradient starts/ends"
      => rename border, add tooltips, keep start/end
     * Spelling - Correct and Correct All is inappropriate
       + is Change/All better than Correct/All?
       + bike shedding; correct is clear enough (Stuart)
       => agreed
     * Improve handling of configuring table borders in table properties
       dialog (to make it work for multiple workflows)
       + requirements/user stories first, mockup then
       + Benjamin wants to show a grid on the table.
       + Eve wants to configure the border style using potentially different
         attributes per side.
       + Eve wants to store a configuration and apply in other documents.
    + mockup at
       + dislike the turn from 'configure a layout and apply that to one or more
         borders' into 'select where to apply, then do the modification'
       + multi-selection could be done per ctrl+click on the preview; drawback is
         that the attributes can be different, eg visible on/off, and the properties
         pane  should show the actual values
       + let's consider multiple selection per toggle button -> done in the mockup
       => share mockup on BZ