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    Present: Maria, Heiko
     * Discussion how to analyze the Calc survey
     * Writer paragraph styles "Letter" may be more efficiently grouped in
       a new hierarchy
       + sounds like a plan to add a style Letter that takes Addressee,
         Complimentary Close, Signature, and Sender
       + some were made hidden with bug 132798 but only in the "default"
       + like the idea (Maria)
       + better hide the styles (Heiko)
         + why? not frequently used, not well-maintained (it mostly sets
         count on line numbering to false)
       => do as suggested and put into a category
     * Autofilter dropdown window width is not enough and not resizable
       + optimal line length is somewhere about 70 characters, more text
         is hard to read; perhaps better wrap the line (Maria�)
         + not clear if possible (Heiko)
       => wait for further input
     * Clear Direct Formatting doesn't remove lists
       + List on/off is direct paragraph formatting but not removed with
         the respective command
       + suggest to ship at least two PS, "Bullet List" and "Numbered List"
         (that could nicely integrate List Content styles) to clearly show
         why "toolbar" lists are removed (so +1 to this bug)
       + we should also update the Formatting (Styles) toolbar, which
         contains of DF functions (Heiko)
       + difficult topic (Maria)
       => do both