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    Present: Heiko
    Comments: Gabor, Uwe, Jay, Stuart, Roman, Sibit, Luke, Mike, Csongor, Jan, Timur
     * UI: Autocorrect -> Autocompletion: Option to manually add things to the list
       + being able to directly interact with a list supports confidence
       + having an edit field also allows to add shorter words
       => let's do it
     * Empty table cell cannot be selected
       + Options - Writer - Formatting Aids shows the hidden character
         which allows to select empty cells (Gabor)
       + show a marker on empty cells when formatting aids is disabled
         + bad solution for users who want plain WYSIWYG
       + access needs to be simple (Uwe)
       + actually it's still unclear why cells are ignored (whether per
         click or via cursor right); a new empty table does not have this
       + the empty cells in the test document have set the hidden character
         attribute, so adding content does not show anyway
       + selecting hidden characters is not possible, it works like a cell
       => NAB
     * START CENTER: A GUI means to filter the thumbnail view list of
       MRU recent documents by module
       + hovering over the modules button could grey out documents that
         open with other modules (Jay)
         + to allow scrolling the UI might keep this filter for some
           seconds or until escape is pressed (Stuart)
       + more demands from bug 143593 (search) and bug 72671 (filter)
       + using 100s of documents and having the same list as for the
         recent document MRU is a limitation (Sibit)
       + show dedicated UI elements (Roman)
         + has some advantage for a11y (Heiko)
       + if the controls clutter to much we could hide it until some
         button is pressed and/or also provide functions via context menu
       => do it
     * [UI] On startup, showing recent documents, please allow selection
       of a set to open rather than just one
       + use multi selection and/or checkboxes to mark documents to open (Luke)
       + restore the whole workspace (all documents that are open on exit) (Heiko)
         + if a document crashes the app the document list needs to be cleared
       + access to start center / dialog with this part from within a module
         see bug 77590 (Mike)
       => do both
     * Add Expert option not to ask to save document if changed
       + safety first (Mike, Csongor)
       + expert option or environment switch (Jan)
       + checkbox "[ ] Apply to All" on the confirmation using Save/Don't Save
         on all dialogs (Heiko)
       => up to QA; UX must not be affected
     * Easy way to allow to protect individual cells
       + workflow of protect all cells and disable individually is the
         same in Excel
       + additional read-only state? (Heiko)
         + not a good idea better fix bugs and provide a special
           cell style (Timur)
       => do it