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    Present: Maria, Heiko
    Comments: Sascha
     * Analysis of the Calc survey
       + preliminary results are promising
       + todo: improve colors, margins, add "Unknown" at Likert chart,
         SUS per expertise
       + todo: text analysis
     * Calc: Counter-intuitive "Default" context menu for comments makes
       them blue and changes font
       + remove Default command
       => no further comment, do it
     * Right-click to group columns and rows
       + having an explicit function-key (F12) covers the group/ungroup feature well
         enough, rather vote to remove the hide/show entries from the context menu
         and give them a related short-cut e.g. Ctrl+F12 / Shift+F12 (Sascha)
         + shortcuts are nothing without a menu where you learn it
         + having different methods to reach a goal is good practice (Heiko)
       + also the context menu entries are named "Hide Rows", "Show Rows", "Hide
         Columns" and "Show Columns" while the main menu entries are simply named
         "Hide" and Show"; IF the context entries are keep up the main menu should
         changed for consistency (Sascha)
         + Simply Hide/Show can be done when the Column/Row entry comes before,
           it's the contextual variant of the label
       + also you can group the same rows/columns infinite times, that is clearly a
         bug and should be fixed with a if-range-already-grouped::than-ungroup
         statement; this would allow the use of the same short-cut (F12) to
         group/ungroup and free Ctrl+F12 e.g. for the hide/show feature (Sascha)
         + different topic
       + adding two (actually one in most scenarios) entries to the context menu
         doesn't hurt and educates people to consider grouping rather than
         hiding (Heiko)
       => keep topic alive
     * Add option for preserving aspect ratio of an Area Image fill
       + open the area settings with Set Background Image (Heiko)
       => good for a tentative patch