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    Present: Mike, Cor, Heiko
    Comments: Roman, Adolfo
     * Rename sort criteria to "A column" for quick access per keyboard
       + have the column character first like "A Column"
         + -1 (Roman)
         + very custom solution (Adolfo)
       + maybe per static label in front of the column (Heiko)
         + sounds reasonable (Mike)
         + has also the advantage of a mnemonic (alt+C<olumn>) activates
           the associated dropdown
       + alternatively ignore "Column" or "Row" on keypress (Mike)
         + some effort to implement and less elegant than the static label
       => do it
     * Border formatting in Impress and Writer Tables does not consider
       the selected Border Color
       + color pickers are not context sensitive to apply a setting at
         various places; solution could be to make it sensitive and achieve
         the apply-at-many-places workflow via the double-click sticky mode
         + not really obvious how it works then
       + why? (Mike); it should be possible to consider what color is set in
         the picker in this particular case
         + should take into account the other border attributes too (Mike)
       + likely/hopefully not affecting the usual workflow (Heiko)
       => do it
     * PDF: Export with option Selection does not allow to export slides that
       are part of Custom Slide Show
       + another option at the print/export dialogs or one more button at
         the custom slide show dialog, or WF?
       + both solutions are feasible and good (Mike, Cor)
       + solution should allow to export other formats in future too, eg. SVG
       + custom slide show can have inverted order and repeated slides, which needs
         to be taken into account, eg. slide# 4,2,4 (Cor)
         + works when entered as this into the export dialog (Heiko)
       + we could also auto-select the slides and export this but bug 79262
         requests export of selected slides per "Selection"
         + selection works on the current slide only; combination of inside the
           current slide plus another one on the slide pane doesn't work
         + slide sorter view mode could provide the selection export thing
         + user expect the selection from where print/export is started
           (meaning focused) (Heiko)
           + but focus is lost with the menu interaction; and not perfectly clear
             for the user (Mike)
           + would suggest an (dropdown) option at "Selection" (Mike)
       + advantage of automatically inserting the numbers at "Slides" in the
         print dialog allows to modify it (Heiko)
       + in favor of another option in the print dialog as it is better
         to understand by the users (Mike, Cor)
       + Bug 40163 complains that a selection means to just hide all other elements
         but to export the full slide
         + If someone needs a single object, other export options are available.
           + after all an object in PDF needs a page to stand on
           + so the behavior makes actually sense (Cor)
       => bug 143283: add another radiobutton in the dialogs with a dropdown to
          pick the right slideshow
       => bug 79262: add dropdown at Selection with "Objects on Slide" and "Selected
       => bug 40163: resolve WF/NAB