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    Present: Anastasia, Maria, Heiko
    Comments: Stuart, Adolfo, Rafael, Dieter, Mike, Jan, Gerhard
     * Discussion of Calc survey results
     * Introduction to workflow and whatcanidos, etc.
     * Highlight the current line in Writer?
       + not much value (Stuart)
       + cursor blinks, should be enough (Jan)
       + -1, switch on background color helps (Gerhard)
       => resolve WF
     * Cell focus rectangle must not use font color
       + use OS highlight color as for the col/row headers (Adolfo)
       + see also: bug 142959 - Make selection color optional and
         bug 143733 - Make selection border wider
       + how many user have mentioned this issue? (Anastasia)
       + use highlight color from system theme (economical argument)
         or some user-definable color that can be adjusted to the upcoming
         LibreOffice theme?
       => slightly in preference for an option (patch in prep)
    => all other topics postponed