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    Present: Heiko
    Comments: Rafael
     * Inconsistencies in Help pages on Cell Merging and Splitting
       (unmerging) in Calc
       + Writer tables _split_ while Calc _unmerge_ (c24, Rafael)
       + some effort for l10n and less consistency (Heiko)
       => no further opinion, leaving it open for the doer
     * Character transparency should apply to objects anchored as character
       + treat objects as character and apply transparency when anchored
         as character (Mike)
       + anchoring means not to follow the surrounding attributes (Heiko)
       => no further opinion, leaving it open for the doer
     * Improve "Delete Category" dialog handling in Template Manager
       + don't delete anything on the fs (Heiko)
       => no further opinion, so just open the file browser on "delete"
     * Standard and advanced filters do not work correctly in
       case insensitive mode
       + standard filter has the option, auto filter is cluttered right now
       => no further opinion, WF and forward to documentation
     * Mouse cursor should change when hovering over unselected
       + change the newly introduced fat-cross to the arrow when
         hovering over objects (Rafael)
       + commented on the patch: "hoovering over a not active
         object/chart keeps the cursor (it's working as expected
         after the chart is selected)"
       => do it