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    Present: Maria, Sascha, Heiko
    Comments: Dieter, Noel, Cor, Mike, Stuart, Adolfo
     * Row height in Calc was 0,45 cm now it's 0,4516
       + revert, have 4 digits only in case of imperial units, ...?
       + see also Bug 138920, assigned - maybe solvable
       + if not, revert the patch (Maria)
       => hopefully it can be fixed
     * Separation between start interactive frame not ok. I's hard
       to place cursor at the start of the paragraph with the mouse
       (depend on zoomlevel)
       + NAB (Dieter, Heiko), accept sloppy interactions (Noel)
       + obvious to the user what happens and F2 goes into edit mode;
         but no objection if change is needed (Cor)
       + minor and artificial issue; click somewhere and use
         ctrl+pos1 (Heiko)
       + large scale change; effort not worth the little benefit (Maria)
       + same issue with lists or indexes (Sascha)
       => NAB/WF
     * Emoji font
       + update the font?
       + bad idea in the first place (Mike)
         + emoji handling is done best by the OS (Adolfo)
       + new font might require to update the references (Stuart()
       + patch to make the Emoji non-experimental was abandoned
       => WF, keep the current font
     * Password protection on Writer malfunctioning
       + proposing a PW prompt before Save*
       + purpose of ro is not to block saving but to keep the
         original document (Maria)
       + ctrl+a/c allows to copy/paste all (Sascha)
         + protection prevents changes but does not ensure its
           readonly via copy/paste or access to the document
           structure (Sascha)
         + storing the pw inside a non-encrypted file is an issue too
       + show the "readonly" infobar and edit/save after prompting
         for pw (Heiko)
       + auto tick the "Save with password" checkbox and let the
         user insert a pw or not in the next dialog (Maria)
       + use File > Properties: Security > Open file read-only for this
         kind of protection and remove the option from the
         save dialog (Sascha)
         + sometimes no pw is needed to open; feels broken (OP)
       => comment on BZ